Selasa, 02 Juni 2009

Man And Woman about Overweight

As we know, every women always think about their weight. Do not lie your self, when you looking up your self in mirror, there always a complain about your body, such as fat in stomach or in your cheek. And so do I, hiii…

Overweight has became women’s issue. But people has forgot if there is many a fat man in the world. According to the latest national statistics that I took in this article, 71 percent of adult men and 62 percent of adult women are overweight. It is seem that a man and women has a same possibility become overweight, moreover greater.

But woman and man have a different pointview about overweight. In the same article, overweight differences about women and men, mentioned that women aware quickly if their weight is over. Women can easly to spend a long time in mirror and often shoping than man. It’s easy to know if their body’s size has change and they would decide to reduce their weight as quickly as possible.

Differ with man, they just spend their time in mirror for a few minutes, for example when shaving, brushing teeth or buying new clothes. It makes man not too care about their body, man rarely looking after their body than woman. They do not know if their weight rise (sometimes annoyed when their shirt getting tight) and to be panic when their healty is negatively affected.

And how about man and women's reaction of overweight?
Women often feel discomfort with overweight, especialy when getting dressed. This is emotional reactions, can make a lack of self confidence and worst, falling on depression.

How about man?
this article mentioned that the tendency of men to have less frequent thoughts about their weight and to react to those thoughts with milder feelings, such as annoyance or bother, helps us understand why many guys may place a lower priority on weight loss.

That is a result of a research, but in a live, i think it come back to personal. not all women always taking care of their weight, sometimes they has accustomed with obese, and not be disturbed with it.
And also the man, there is a kind of metrosexual guys which always taking care of about their apperance, especialy artist and model. They make up like women, even more than woman.

and, yeah...

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