Senin, 01 Juni 2009

Blogging with Paid Review

Having blog and like update regulary?

Want to make money with an enjoying way?

I sugest you to try paid review. Maybe it is a bored article, you have watched it in some other place, but no matter if you want to see my sharing.
The simple thing, nothing venture if we try it. Writing about anything or something that be assigned in our blog and we get dollars. Just simple and easy. The hardest thing maybe just take an topic, but that is not a matter if remembering we have writing for along our age.

To starting review, you can try this website. You should not have to writing all of the task, as a blogger you can choice. So if just writing about sport, you should not writing about music online. You can keep your blog on whatever you want.
It is easier than you put an advertising in your blog and waiting for someone who want to click it, or you would be banned if you determine to click it by your self. I have prooft and never get money from it, but you can complain me if I get wrong (peace).

Maybe somebody underestimate the paid review. Blogging with money motivated. Or somebody make fun with make money blogging. But lets take the positive ones, we can make money with a right way. There is not rule that forbid to explore the internet to get money.

And keep remember, we do not just take a money like a robber steal in bank. We do something, we writing. Make a good writing and adjust it with the advertiser request need an effort. It is not a easy things as like as take a money for bank.
So, do not confusing with a topic, just write about anything that you want. Or your blog will be looks disorganized? Do not worry about that, you can make other blog which use to paid review specialy.

Try paid review, become self employment for a moment, and you will find the advantage.

14 komentar:

  1. mau coba sih tapi gak sempet2 nih. ini aja baru sempet bw lagi. kemarin sibuk. hari ini juga megap2 ngerjain kerjaan yg tertinggal selama melancong. hiks....

  2. udah ikutan coba,,
    katanya ada yang buat bahasa indonesia juga ya?

  3. wahhh... kena virus paying post juga neh kayak teteh linda and itik bali ya chi?? seep lah, didukung aja! ntar klu udah paying calling² ai yah! hihihi...

  4. hallo halloo....... templatesnya maniiis bangeet... hihihih salam kenal; yaah....

    polow polowan yuuk... :D

  5. cieee... dolar-dolar di mana mana....

    komenganku di apruuveee......

  6. ngomeng lagi ahh....

    ntu artinya apaan ya chi?

    "cuci tangan sebelum manjat poon"

    "mandi sebelum tidur"

    dan "berdoa sebelum cuci baju"


  7. hai mocca_chiiiiiiiiii :D
    udah ikut paid review, udah bbrp kali "ambil gaji" juga :D

  8. kalau uang mah, sikaatt....!!!

  9. huahhhh, saya mencium bau $$$$, bagi donk hehehehehhehe

  10. ada apa sih.... kok kayaknya seru

  11. Wah..ntar nyoba ah kapan2...lagi ga sempat neh
    udah aku link juga ya..

  12. Six asix bsa bc review an ya mocca chi. Bisa nambah ilmu juga nieh !!!

  13. lagi nyoba nie... tapi dapet PR susah... mw tuker link? link ke ya.. nanti aq kasi kamu 2 link PR 1 dan 1 link PR 2 tanpa minta link balik di cerpenkita(, puisi renungan(, n kamus pengetahuan( gimana? adil ngga?

  14. sekarang lagi musim Review2an,....