Jumat, 02 Oktober 2009

Networked Your Content On SmallRivers

A traditional blogs have a real shortage. We will not get visitors if we do not blogwalking. Even if we have already blogwalkin, there is no much visitor who comes to our blog. So how we can make our blog can be found easily by the visitors? Many bloggers know that a blog will be visited if we have a good and unique content, but are we sure if a unique content can attractive many visitors? I think not, if we still use traditional blog rolls.

Finally we can realize that the good old traditional blog rolls are not relevant today, especially in the Web 2.0 age. We need a network that can make our blog found easily and shared by their respective visitors. We will feel that we met many people if having the like-minded blogs and audiences became aware of, and visible to, each other, and be provided the means to interact. We can get these all without leaving our preferred blog. Is it not fun? Yes, it is fun and we can get it all on networked blog.

And now The question is, how do I find it? Easy, there is a new innovation in the world of blogging. We can try Smallrivers, a Bloggers tool to network content and readers. This is a new innovation in the world of blogging, a portable content network can connect your unique blog content with readers who have common interests. In this way, so visitors can easily find your blog, and be prepared to share with people around the world.