Senin, 04 Januari 2010

Investment In High Value Of Gold

I still remember the little time before, the housewives, including my mother, had a habit to buy gold jewelry for investing. Called investing because the goal is to get more value, while gold prices in the market higher than the purchase price, they can sold the jewelry

The trade of gold
would be busy at the some moments, like before the holiday or an increase in class / school. Many gold shops will be invaded by their customers because the owner intends to sell gold jewelry.

But now, if someone buy bullion or gold as an invest, in most cases this is an effort aimed at an investment hedge against economic risk, political, social and financial crisis. Gold has a stable value, rarely dropping so inflation does not affect too much to gold. In some case, in human history, gold has long been used as a medium of exchange. These all makes the gold become an idol for investing.

Various types of gold, whether it is bullion, gold bullion, gold coin, jewelry, are some forms of gold. In addition, the year of manufacture and history of gold are also a measure of the value of gold.

Let’s see the picture below:

This is the Chinese Gold Panda gold bullion coins. This coin was produced in china, on 1982. As the most successful bullion coins of the 1980's, this coin becomes a favor by collectors of gold. Panda image in one side gives positive mind, can use for jewelry.

Other types of gold, there is American Buffalo.

This coin is one of the coins 24-Karat solid gold bullion coin from the United States Mint. Has unique design, with a Native American chief on one side and a buffalo on the other side. Its purity is guaranteed by the American government.

Well, these coins are only two examples of a gold coin that worth to be a collection or investment. There are many other examples, if you want to buy gold coin
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