Jumat, 15 Januari 2010

Car Movie and the Influence to Your Car

The use of a car as an important element in a film already happened long ago. With specific themes of race, the car movie can provide exciting adventures for the audience, so the audience can also experience such tension as was racing.

There are lots of car movies that have been circulated, any title and scenes. But from the entire car movie, there are 10 outstanding car movies which will be discussed. These all movies are also part of the best and the worst movies car category according to a leading auto website, SafeAuto.

The worst film begins by Herbie, an old VW Beetle model who won the race. This movie about a sport based on drinking and crashing cars, and use this type of car for the race is still beyond logic, if the old VW models that can run at top speed?

After Herbie, there are Driven. This movie was made in 2001 and has the type of racing that hard to believe, worse Indy-type race scenes.

In third place was Speed Racer, produced on 2008 which is a remake of the cartoon film with the same title.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift in four stage, there are many ludicrous scenes, for example when one character chatting idly while he was driving at 100 miles and hour to Tokyo highway. Some racing scenes are impressive, but it was impossible to drive at the speed of 100 miles without looking ahead.

In the final sequence, there are Days of Thunder. The film was made in 1990 and put so many crashing cars. Well, maybe the producers already have auto insurance to charge the movie production costs.

For the best car movies category fill with lot old movies, which are becomes trendsetters in their time for the race car. There was American Graffiti, produced in 1973 in the first sequence, Thunder Road (1958) in second place, Bullitt (1968) in third, and Blues Brothers, 1980 in order to four. Finally in fifth place there is Smokey and The Bandit, 1977.

These movies were adapted from reality or imagination of the writers that was taken from reality. But the main thing is, several movies especially the latest movie which include to the worst movie category, can change society's view about the car. At the beginning the car was produced as transportation tool, but from the movie people would know if the car also can be used for race.

The influence is almost faced for teenagers. They will imitate the race like in the movies. Many cases of wild races and the teenagers often ignore the safeauto concept. These all can cause an accident.

Therefore we can say how dangerous your car on the street, although you've carefully but many people do not notice the traffic lights.
But the movie maker can not be prevented from taking the theme of a wild race on their next movie. The teenagers need to be coached and directed not to imitate the dangerous scene of the race movie. But there is always unsafe place in the street, to prevent from harmful, ensure that you have auto insurance.