Jumat, 19 Desember 2008

Having Fun with Poker

Poker is general game for the gambler. Many people know this game as one of casino games. By using card as the playing mediator, poker has famous as one of casino game, both of casino online or casino on the real place.

Poker becomes more familiar now, because there are many websites that offer online free poker in the internet. Getting information about play poker online is also easily. When I try to search how to play poker in the search engine, I get thousand pages that write about.

Like other games such as blackjack or Roulette, these topics attract more visitors. The expert on this game write about the tutorial, tips or other advise to win. One of the biggest social website in the internet has provided the free media to play poker. Many people buy the chip for playing this game. But we already know, not all of the player will spend their money there. We know that poker is not always play for gamble. Many people play this game to learning how to play poker, so when their friend ask about the poker, they can explain. So the game is just to having fun not for make money or addicted like.

So we can’t judge if the poker player is a gambler. Poker is just a game, but the different of motivation makes the game become a gambler.