Rabu, 12 Mei 2010

Victory of the Goodness

Depend of the word, Galungan mean war. But in Hinduism, Galungan means earth’s birthday. It’s not mean the earth birth on Wednesday, but on that day the Hinduism offering the gratefully for the creation of the world to the God.
Galungan is the Victory of the goodness against the evil. And then, I’m wonder how I can win it. I can win against the devil in myself, not totally but little of the bad characteristic.

And now on May 12, 2010, I don’t know how many Galungan that I have passed before, I face the different situation. Its very happiness and blessing. Although there are just little money in my pocket so I can’t buy my mother some fruit (contribution please!), but this on the first time since 2006, I stand in home on Sunday. It’s first time when I can take holiday from Saturday.
And also, so many blessing on this year. I shouldn’t mention it, but God know it.

Happy Galungan for Itik, bli jhoni, Gek, Bli Gusti, my high school friend Cahya and other Hinduism in the world.

8 komentar:

  1. semoga selalu dalam lindungan Nya

  2. happy galungan aja buat yg merayakan..

  3. I hope you are always given a lot of blessings..

  4. moci, kayaknya ada yang aneh. Ente kok nulis pake bahasa inggris sih blog yang ini? Tapi bagus lah wakakaka. Yap, selamat hari galungan ya neng dan juga semua penganut agama Hindu.

    Kontribusi ane ke elo dengan senyumanku yang menawan aja yah ci^^

  5. happy celebrate galungan days :) hope ur wish will be granted by The Lord...amin

  6. happy gulungan buat teman2 yang merayakannya..

  7. selamat merayakan galungan juga ^^