Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

Learn Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 with Online Tutoring

Tutoring is an old education method that can help student to solve their problem. Beside can make learning easily, this tutoring also can give student the shortcut formula to solve one problem, especially on math.

Tutoring is usually held by one institution. Student come to their places and learning together, or some parent call the tutor to their home and it’s called private tutoring. These are simple tutoring.

But now technology can serve any easily for many sections. On education especially tutoring, now student can enjoy the tutoring from home. That’s called online tutoring, which student can get the same lesson from the internet.

There are many online tutoring providers. Many subject lessons are available, such as math, English and other. Algebra is one important topic in math. This matter can solve any problem in our day, so algebra was given for K12 student and also college.

Algebra for k12 student is different with algebra that was learned by the college student. With different difficulty, online tutorial give different tutoring to help them. There are two kind of algebra tutorial according to the difficulty. Algebra 1 tutoring help k12 student to solve the basic of algebra, such as Exponents, Linear Equations, ratios, Real and complex numbers and other. This tutoring include problem solve, homework help and of course Algebra 1 answers for any problem.

Algebra 2 helps cover Quadratic Equations to Quadratic Functions from Linear Equations to Polynomial functions, sequences and series and other difficulty concepts. It’s suitable for college student or 12 grade student who will enter the college.

But whatever kind of the algebra, online tutoring can help them to know algebra more closely. Lets try it.

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  2. abis dari tempatnya bang zujoe, eh ke sini nemu algebra juga... opo sih kuwi?! @_@