Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

Improve Our Blog Quality With SEO

Blogging is an enjoying activity. We can do it anytime and anywhere, no matter what kind of your job, bloging is everyone’s hobbies.

As blogger, blog is like our second home. For ordinary blogger, good content and layout maybe is enough, but different for people who earn some money from blog. Page rank, traffic, SERPs and also SEO, these all are excellent job that can we do to make our blog or website becomes more worth for the advertiser.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is important think to improve the quality of website. It’s started from the domain name choosing. To get the best result from your SEO, you must choose domain that related for your blog content or niche. There are some formulating a successful domain name that can you find in internet but most if them said that you must choose the domain name that related to your niche. The explanation can be found in the e-book about SEO from Google.

Beside domain name, hosting is the secondary important. This stuff will influence your page loading, and for the perfect web hosting, you can see more web hosting news that are available in internet to chose the right one.
After domain and web hosting, template and Meta tag are important. Although these think can make your traffic increase suddenly, but with the mix you can get #1 in SERPs.

For other tips of SEO, you can find in many website. I can tell you anything because I’m also still learning on it. But one more think that we must care about, how much our effort to improve the blog, but there are some reason for search engine to ignore our website. How can search engine ignore website?

Loading speed and backlink are two things that we must care. With the quick speed visitor can easily to reach our every content although their internet speed on trouble. Many of search engine like website with strong bakclink, especially Google. Backlink can perform how strong our website in Google, and it’s can influence our page rank, and directly our traffic

To get backlink, there are some ways that we can do. Link building, blog commenting, bookmaking site, blog dummy and also buy text link ads. But for the best result, we can combine all of these ways.

Okay, happy blogging

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  1. the point is we must combine all that way, so at least we need some money if bought the ads link text hmmmm $$$$$

  2. is there my comment at this post?

  3. Hi,

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  4. maya pengen nyoba banget...
    saya gk tau sama sekali gmana caranya....

  5. SEO is important, but content is the King. BTW, nice info. thanx.

  6. These are some great ways to improve the blog popularity on internet. Thanks to share your tips with us.

  7. I got many valuable information with the help of this post. This is really a nice blog.