Jumat, 04 September 2009

Jewelry For Women's Life

Jewelry is very close with women. Many women like jewelry. Using Jewelry makes her feel confident and beauty on traveling. Where they go, we can ensure there is always jewelry in their bodies, at least a necklace and earrings. Jewelry almost like a bag and make up for women.

Because the need, jewelry become a trend. Nowadays, Jewelry is not only for Costume Jewellery, many people designing jewelry, different types follow to the fashion trend, forming an annual fashion jewelry trend. Although in expensive cost, but for beauty, people always buy it and indirectly, they also create their own annual trend.

Now day, jewelry business has become the land where people live. Look at the designers of jewelry, jewelry factories, shops and also jewelry magazine. They are producers, who produce jewelry that will be purchased by consumers. The buyers come from all walks of society, artist, housewife, farmer, business woman and also student.

Not only that, even jewelry are also already on the internet. Not only the websites that sell jewelry, but also >Costume and fashion jewellery blog.

I like Jewelry, but do not follow fashion jewelry. My knowledge about jewelry is just only necklace and earring, sometimes clip on earrings. Although sometimes I use hair accessories, but I am not jewelry lovers. I still can go to everywhere without jewelry, instead, I feel uncomfortable wearing jewelry.

But my self different with the public figure like artists and model. They are a consumers who make jewelry exist and precious jewels to be more than its original value