Rabu, 05 Agustus 2009

Get Secure With Keyless Lock

Key, a small object which is very important. I often afraid losing my room or motor's key. Therefore I try to put it in right place so I can easy to find it when I need. But sometimes, I also put the key in the wrong place, so I will confuse to find it. Not only me, I am sure everyone has the same problem with key.

Actualy, the key which we often use has a worst risk. Beside it can be lost, the key also can be duplicated. If we lost the key and someone found it, although the key was returned, there is always a risk. Too less secure. We need the more safety key, but what kind of key?

Have you ever heard about door locking technology with the fingerprint system? I am sure you have ever heard about it. Door locking with keyless lock system many found in the hollywood's films. However, that technology does not mean only exists in the film, in fact many people use the fingerprint as a key to open a door or operating the machine. Keyless lock system has more secure than conventional key, because we need not afraid to lose the key.

Each person has different fingerprints, and the keyless lock system utilize human uniqueness to provide a security behind a door. This system can be programmed to accept certain people which has match fingerprints. Other fingerprints will be rejected, so you can prevent the robber enter your home. More usefull, you do not need to take a small key to everywhere because your hands now are the key.

The technology is very useful. Do not worry lost the key, or confusing because your childreen want to enter door while the key in your office. Keyless lock make everything behind your door will be safe.