Rabu, 29 September 2010

Reverse Phone Lookup Service

When I was working at a company that provides meeting room service, I often search some agency that might require the services of meeting rooms. Basic information required is name and phone number. It was still 2007 and I was not familiar with the reverse phone lookup service, so the only option that I use is the yellow pages. And the result, it takes many hours to find a complete agency number.

Yeah, it was 2007 but what about 2010? Technology fixes everything. Now, yellow pages is not only form of a thick book with yellow pages, yellow pages can also exist on your computer. To obtain this service also not difficult, many providers that provide reverse phone lookup service for you. But you just should be smart to vote.
Reverse phone lookup is a service that can be used to track a variety of information using only a phone number. This service is provided by many companies, can be free and paid. But because a company must always look for profit, free service is definitely conditional. Free version is just given with basic feature and limited information, if you want complete more information, you must pay. This is normal, because there is no perfect free of charge with any services.

The key just, we as a costumer, must be smart when choice the services. If you just need basic information such as name and address, you can use the free version. You can pay when you use more and aimed. To choose the paid service, you must consider if you often use this service or just for one time lookup. Because there are some companies charge a membership if you want to use the service and of course services like this will harm if you only use it occasionally. Costumer must be smart to choose and handle it according to our needs.

In Indonesia, this service will be very useful. As the hot issue that is being circulated lately. The case of fraud under the pretext of "Mama asked pulse" or "Auntie Pay at the hotel" which asks a number of pulses and with miserably words. We can track the deceiver number with the help of the cellular provider, but we should get a letter of recommendation from the police. This is troublesome and complicated.

But with reverse phone lookup we can see whose name the fraudster’s number listed, it will facilitate tracking. Only, unfortunately this new service still available in the United States and beyond.

With the development of technology, hopefully someday this service can cover Indonesia so can reduce the cellular crime.

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