Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012

Choosing the right skin care products

Every woman wants to look beautiful, I am no exception. Therefore, I'm looking for information on a variety of skin care products which are good for my skin. My skin is oily, a lot of acne scars, blackheads and enlarged pores. Initially I use a product which is sold in the market, but because the product is made for standard skin care, then the result is also standard. Not a lot of benefits that I can get, until finally I would like to try prescription product specifically for oily skin.

So how did it go?
Yes, skin care product that is prescribed specifically for oily skin are more effective in dealing with various types of oily skin problems such as acne, age spot, dull and shiny. But not many know which product has the function like that. A lot of advice from a friend about this product, including the acne product that now I do not need, since I have not pimply face. But I'm still trying to find a suitable product.

I finally tried one product from one of beauty clinic in Denpasar. Special recipe from the doctor, and be accompanied by facial skin care dank rim night. The result was better than the products sold in the market. However, this resulted in me to spend more money.

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  1. Hihihihihi... ayooo, kejar dolar apa rupiah ni crenk? XD