Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Great Places to Married in USA

You have a plan to get married but have not determined the best places to get married? Easy, as long as you have more budgets to get married, your marriage can take place anywhere you want. But as a reference, here I give a list of great places to get married.

Where are the best places to get married?
Are you American singles? Central park of New York is the suitable place to get married. This park can give you great situation, with the mix of green tree and the fresh of air. This is the open area that can provide you large place for attempt your wedding guest.

Beside that, Empire State Building also a great place to get married. Feel the tension of this place with the holy of wedding ceremony but you must be a great or important person to book place here.

Las Vegas wedding also suitable for you, the right place is in Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel. The next place is Disneyland, maybe you can become Cinderella for one day in your wedding. And I think this place is suitable for fairly tale wedding concept.

Want to be real? Try Chapel of Love. This chapel is located in Bloomington, Minn. Other chapel for wedding in USA is Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Here also Columbia Gorge Hotel in Hood River Oregon. Looking for other hotel? Let see Westin Beach Resort in Key Largo Fla. They have great wedding package for you.

Some unique place to get married are in Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Or want to spend the great day with the animal and for those of you who love nature? Try Philadelphia Zoo - Philadelphia, Pa.

There are several places for your reference to get married in USA.

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